Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks

High School Runned Hackathon

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What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where students of all academic backgrounds and skill levels come together to solve problems by using technology students from groups and create projects that tackle these challenges, all while attending workshops to develop new skills, receiving mentorship from industry leaders, and networking with recruiters from top companies.


Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks is a 12 hour hackathon that engages high school students to build a wonderful project. The Project that they create could lead to an amazing product and business. According to right now approximately only 18% of computer science majors are female. We hope to change this trend by working with organizations like Girls Who Code and advertising to the new generation of programming woman. We also decided to make the hackathon $7, but with a discount for some leading it to become $5. We will provide food and we encourage to bring your friends and get more people to join to reach a more diverse group of people to attend

What makes Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks Special?

Tri-valley Crypto Hacks is special because in the Tri-Valley area this is the only 12 hour hackathon created and ran by high school students. Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks is also the first hackathon to combine two different school districts with three different schools together to work together. Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks is the only hackathon that combines Foothill High School, Amador High School, and Dublin High School. This is altogether a combination with three different schools together into one single event. Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks is also a creation of multiple school clubs that are all working together. Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks is the only hackathon event that will last 12 hours in the Tri-Valley area. Our goal is to create a wonderful and fair hackathon that everyone nearby can go to have a higher competition. Tri-Valley Crypto Hacks attempts to have multiple people join and have fun and present their projects.

What you Could Win?

Yet to be determined.

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